Brownrider Xe'res


Spun locks of shaggy charcoal sprite about Xale's head in all directions, ending near the middle of his pale, flat cheekbone. The sense of disregard and distaste taint his features, his hair unkempt and dirty, and not a single hair the same length; but his forelocks hang a bit farther, wisping in front of his suspiciously whimsical eyes, colored a deep cerulean that are overshadowed by heavy, dark and curved brows. An angled nose acentuates his pale, washed-out lips, which hold little color different from the rest of his murky white skin. While he lacks nothing in height, he looks fragile in disposition; but while not the most handsome, his pale blue eyes speak of bright character.

Pink, puffy, and probably a bit stuffy, long sleeves of silken material in the deadly hue wisp around Xe're's arms as if they were meant to be wings.. Or something. The front of the shirt is endowed with frills no typical man would dare wear — and it's strange that this brownrider sees fit to, as well. But, grown accustom to the attire, Xale has paired the shirt with black wherhide pants that cling firmly to his legs, and sturdy sandals beneath that.

Xe'res wears the knot of a Western Weyr Assistant Weyrlingmaster, with brown threaded through for his lifemate, Kurouth. A badge on his chest denotes him a member of the Islet Wing, the weyrling training wing.



To start at the beginning: Resala was a small holder's daughter in the foreground of Bitra Hold; the father was good acquaintances with the Lord Holder, and their holding prospered for it. But Resala wanted more; it was her plan to take one of the Lord Holder's sons for herself, and rise to her own power by handfasting him, wrapping him around her finger, and then waiting until he took position as Lord Holder himself.

Her plans were brought to a halt when she was Searched to Benden Weyr; but, in a way, she still had a plan. A gold egg was on the Sands, and she thought for sure it was hers. It went instead of a lower-caverns girl, and she Impressed to a green: Zellazseth. Disgruntled, she vowed to still do what it took to gain control. Resala — now Res — became too busy for much of anything but manipulation, and she did her best to sweet-talk.. and sleep.. her way into a Wingleader position. But, amidst it all, her green finally had to rise at some point. It was caught by a visiting bronze — whose rider she learned was X'ner — and the result ended in her pregnancy.

The child was unwanted, but she found that he might be useful for her own devices. She attempted to corrupt her son, whom she named Xaleres, but while she was able to instill in him a will for power, he still retained a lack of attention, and too quickly, she became frustrated, and sent him away to live with her parents in Bitra.

Later on, he got frustrated with being held back, and despite his love for his mother, set off for the Southern Continent without so much as a word, determined to make something of himself somewhere else—or, not, if the case may be.



After Xale left Bitra, he did some petty labor for a trade caravan bringing vast amounts of alcohol around the continent; they were heading south, so he went with them.. And somehow, managed to stay drunk for so long that by the time he reached Ista, he had absolutely no idea where he was.

He found out rather quickly. He was passed out on a couch, in what apparently was the Lady Holder quarters at Ista Hold. Oh yes, he ran. He has no idea what happened, but obviously someone did, because by the time he was to the docks, he was being chased rather furiously.

Since all his belongings were missing, he found his way into a crate bound for sail, and actually managed to stay hidden for quite some time aboard the vessel, which was bound for somewhere in the South. Sadly, he was discovered, and so they made a quick stop a few dragonlengths outside of Western Weyr, and dropped him off for the dolphins to haul to shore.

That's about the just of how he ended up at Western. None worse for wear, though, he tried making a point of staying out of trouble at least for a while. It didn't last long, though, for he ended up trying to woo the ladies with no effect and his troubles lead him to become a candidate for their newest clutch. He was quite happy to Stand, and a good thing, too he ended up with his prize kitty brown Kurouth, and now Western is stuck with him for good.

Weyrlinghood was uneventful for the new brownrider, but things couldn't always stay that way; a fatal flaw in his attention span was made clear when he didn't have the correct destination point for Between on his daily rounds transporting goods in the Roc wing, and found himself in the middle of a snow storm in Fort. Kurouth betweened right in front of a wall, leading to a tragic fall that injured the brown almost beyond repair.

After several months of recovery in Fort Weyr, Xe'res finally returned to Western and his duties. But, the constant betweens for transport were hard on Kurouth's healing injuries, so the brownrider requested a transfer to Islet to help train weyrlings to not make the same mistake.


Name Relation Location Position
Res Mother Benden Weyr Greenrider
X'ner Father High Reaches Weyr Bronzerider
Salare Aunt Bitra Hold Holder's Wife


Brown Mister Monster
Brindle-like mottled brown and blacks with the occasional bits of lighter tan mark this brown firelizard's hide. His short muzzle stretches out nearly more in width than in length with powerful jaws and sharp teeth that fill his mouth. The danger of his face only more pronounced by the thick and short neck and massive chest. His body is all heavyset musculature with short stubby legs and a tail that is used like a stiff rudder behind him. The disorderly pattern of his hide melts together into a swirl of black in his thin wings, almost delicate in appearance compared to the squat body.

Green Goldie
At first glance, there seems to be little green actually present on this tiny firelizard. You know that greeny-gold shade of old jewelry? That's what she looks like. There's enough gold to startle people and make them think that's what she is, but a second glance proves she's just too small to be one. Dainty and elegant, she holds herself as regally as any gold, with the gilding spread all along her body, tracing her haunches, down her spine, and coating her tail. Her wings are actually more heavily gold than the rest of her, lacking the hint of green. Her body, however, is where the green makes itself seen the most, with just a light dusting of gold over the yellow-green surface of her flanks and chest. Her face is streaked with both colors, spiraling together with no apparent rhyme or reason.



Traitorous Ally Of Theives Brown Kurouth


Rich, chocolate browns work down along the dragons hide, deep and dark colors on the verge of a dark chocolate tone. This sweet chocolate brown has some raspberry filling that occasionally peeks out, reddish chocolate brown blobs forming down along his spine and the tips of his headknobs along with the tips of his forked tail. Like little rubies that shine from the darkness of the night, from the veil in which they were hidden. Minty greens come along on his underbelly, speckled like little sprinkled gems that have been thieved from their owner and used as a fashion accessory. Even little speckles of gold dance around the whirling eyes of the brown, worn as a fancy little shimmer to bring accent his eyes. This brown, while showing off his treasures, is quite thin looking. Flimsy, even. A thin body, a tiny frame along with a very lean tail. Despite such a tiny figure, his size is quite average for a brown of somewhat large stature. While his form seems lean, his wings are a bit smaller than average, almost frail looking like dainty little fingers that curl easily around its prey. Easy movements are obvious, feline-like grace with a casual flick of his dainty tail or twisting into the most awkward of positions. His head, tiny as well, is finely pointed and figured. Eyes slightly smaller, pulled back into a cat like appearance. Even his muzzle has a curve at the corners of his mouth, mimicking a feline-like smile.

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