Upon first glance Xelleen could be characterized as short and dark. So short, in fact, that she tops out around 4'9". Her skin is the color of warm klah, smooth and rich all over. She has a pretty face, with a rounded jaw and a wide, generous smile. Her nose is long, wide but not squashed. Her eyes are dark brown with flecks of gold in them. The most prominent and striking feature is heer hair. It sticks out in kinky black crimps all around her head, length staggered between three and five inches long.

Despite her short stature, her lean body and long legs give the illusion that she is much taller. This leanness is not to be mistaken for fragile proportions. Xelleen is quite muscular, as befits her craft, well heralded by the faint scent of warm leather that always clings to her. Small of breast and wide of hip, she chooses today to wear a light pink dress, belted at the waist with a leather belt with designs burned into it and dainty leather slip-ons.


Xelleen is born of hardy trader stock, the kind that has endeavored to remain pure despite the ever expanding and mixing lines of Pern. In fact, Xelleen is one of the few members of her family who has shed the family trade to seek her own name and rank outside the wandering caravan. As a result, she is a bit of a black sheep. Apprenticed a bit late to the tanner craft, Xelleen is quite happy there, but the wander lust that is her genetic heritage still rattles the cage once in awhile, and she often pops up other places for a visit whenever she can sweet talk a bored rider into taking her on an errand with them.

For a time, she was posted to Ista Weyr, where she stood for a time as a Candidate, but failed to Impress. Following that, she seemed to completely disappear for several months until randomly reappearing at Western Weyr, where she currently is posted.


Name Relation Location Position


Gold Sheba


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