Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Near Fort Weyr
Occupation Sr. Apprentice
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Played By Kat Dennings

Smooth pale skin, rosy cheeks, and plump pink lips that are often drawn into a smile are trademarks of this crafter. Yona is a petite woman, barely breaking five feet, with a curvy body that leans more towards chubby - wide in the hip and shoulder, thick in the waist. Chestnut waves fall prettily around her oval-shaped face, ending somewhere around her elbows. Her heavily-lashed eyes are almost too big for her face, a stunning blue shade that contrasts with her dark hair.

Buff, slim-fitted trousers and an over-sized emerald green tunic with gold piping are worn with a pair of dusty, worn boots. Her attire, while functional, is always tidy and wrinkle free. On her shoulder, she bears the knot of a Senior Apprentice of the Healer craft.


Yona was born to a pair of Seacrafters at the end of the turn. They lived off the coast, near Fort Weyr, in a large community of cotholders and fellow fishermen. It was an interesting upbringing - one that prepared her for the more unpleasant parts of life. Gutting fish, handling hooks, and grappling with heavy, stiff lengths of rope were par for the course - as was seasickness, sore muscles, and callouses. Seacraft wasn’t for the light of heart - that’s what her father used to tell her. And while the rigorous duties and long hours delighted the tomboy to no end, it wasn’t long before she had dreams of her own. Big dreams of being a Master Healer.

She joined the ranks of apprentices at Healer Hall when she was thirteen and full of spirit. Times were tough in the beginning - assimilating from a grubby child of the sea to a clean, well-kept craft apprentice was no small task. There were plenty of tears and days of scrubbing floors for her. But as with all things, time heals, and it became easier. Lessons began to make more sense, teachers didn’t seem as strange, and she gradually grew to think of the Hall as her own home.

At eighteen, she was promoted to a Senior Apprentice, given her skill and heartiness. They told her she would be posted for further experience, and that posting would be to learn alongside a longtime Journeyman of Obstetrics. It was exciting! It was her dream come true! Until they told her it would be at Half Moon Bay Weyr. Sure, it was still exciting, but a scary prospect, being so far away from the place she had called home for so long.


Name Relation Location Position
Yseva Mother Near Fort Weyr Journeyman Seacrafter


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