Bronzerider Z'ac


Z'ac is on the tall side and handsome in a very muscular sort of way. He stands just over the six-foot mark, his height impressive while not overbearing. Sandy brown hair sweeps across a wide forehead and over his ears, single strands of grey weaving throughout the myriad shades of brown. Eyes of vibrant cerulean reflect his moods in shades of green, providing a burst of contrasting color against his permanently tan face. With age Z'ac has acquired those less desirous features, particularly around his eyes: shadowy bags haunt his underside of his eyes while creases seem a permanent feature at the corners. Aquiline nose is placed just above firm lips that curve sensually into whatever expression Z'ac desires. His ovaline face makes for a balanced counterpart to his smooth, sculpted jaw. Broad shoulders set the mold for a well-muscled body complete with a firm stomach, and a rather appreciable sort of backside. His hands are large and caloused, long fingers taper into dirty, dismissible fingernails.

Upon the man's body is an airy, long sleeved shirt of baby blue. The translucence of the fabric allows for only a hint of color, but lends to plenty of venting in the warm Western heat. The top few buttons of his shirt are undone, treating each who looks his way with a small preview of his tanned, muscular chest. A black weyrhide belt hides the waistline of his darkly colored trousers, the pants bunched slightly around his ankles, the hemline destroyed from wear. Upon Z'ac's feet are the simplest of sturdy boots. Resting upon the man's shoulder is a double cord, one of purple blended with blue-green and the other colored black, the pair arranged in a single loop. From the knot hangs a single, long tail, entwined with a silver thread denoting him as a Western Wingrider.


Isaac, in reality, has a history so boring that an auntie would die of boredom trying to tell it. This could be the result of him ending up as a trader and not as a Master Smith at the Smith CraftHall or perhaps because he hasn't had any scandalous relationships that have ended in numerous children. All in all, though, it's probably best to begin at the beginning.
Isaac, as he is called, was born to his parents, Saifra and Cerblae in the middle of the family's trading route. This particular place happened to be Benden Hold, in the dead-set of one the wine gathers that were commonly held. The birth of the brown haired, blue-eyed boy caused quite a ruckus in the middle of the festivities. The healers that attended the gather all flocked to help Saifra in the delivery of her son, leaving most of the other visitors to get uncontrollably drunk and then moan and complain of hangovers. This, perhaps, is the most exciting thing that ever happened in Isaac's life. A week had passed, as did the bright colors of the gather, and the Vishnei family, with the new little boy in the arms of his adoring mother, continued on the rickety road towards Keroon.

When Isaac was two turns old, his father finally decided to stop the family's trading wagon in Fort Hold. They were there for nearly a turn before three turn old Isaac's sister was born. She was quickly named Raesa and pulled deep into the sheltered life of a child. Because the children were so young and it was difficult to travel with them, Cerblae kept the family in the hold for two more turns. During this time, Isaac was left with a newfound family friend by the name of Zawrina. She was nearly sixty turns and gave Isaac the love that every mother would. While Saifra was busy helping Cerblae with commissions at Fort Hold and Weyr, the two children would stay with the older woman and listen to her sing and tell stories of her unrealistically over eventful childhood. When Cerblae and Saifra finally packed up and got Isaac and Raesa back onto the road, the young boy was five turns and the girl, two turns.

The young trader boy was given chores around that time, though nothing that he couldn't handle. He was to feed the runners and the canines at every trading post. These tasks didn't take him more than ten minutes each, but his parents were proud of him for being able to contribute at such a young age. He continued to complete these chores until he was ten turns old, when his parents had him fixing problems with the wagon. If there were a hole in the wood, he would find another piece of wood and cut it to the size and shape of the hole and completely fix the error. That's exactly how his life continued until he was fifteen when he was rudely awakened by the third pregnancy of his mother.

Saifra was now thirty-eight and the healers were very weary of this pregnancy. They constantly kept an eye on her and forbid her to move from her bed, which brought trading for the family to a complete halt. One morning, before the sun began to shine, Saifra went into labor. The result was twins. The first one, named Belaf by his father, was born a big, healthy baby. The other baby, however, died inside of Saifra. The woman also died, though not until unsuccessful attempts at removing the unborn twin from her system were made. This left forty-two turn old Cerblae and young Isaac to care for Belaf and twelve turn old Raesa.

At Cerblae's age, and his increasing worry for sudden death, he found it very important to train Isaac in leading the wagon by himself. He would often let Isaac seek out trades in the holds and the weyrs while he took care of his son and directed Raesa in her chores. It wasn't until Isaac was nineteen turns that Cerblae stopped assisting Isaac altogether and concentrated on being a good father to his four turn old son. This put a lot of pressure on Isaac, but he didn't seem to fold under it. He handled the gentle transition rather well, and kept up commissions without any trouble.

During the last two turns of his life, Isaac finally tried to commit himself to a woman, but found it too difficult amongst the traveling and trading that his grueling schedule requires. Thus, he remains single and completely dedicated to his family and committed to his job.


Name Relation Location Position
Saifra Mother Deceased
Cerblae Father Deceased
Raesa Sister
Belaf Brother
Isyral Sonr
Saira Daughter


Green Fiaind
A quick rush of white water rapids leaves this green flecked with droplets of misty spray and splashed with iridescence as light refracts against water dampened hide. Deepset eyes blink open, shadowed under eyeridges and lost against the ripples of many shaded greens decorating a dainty, feminine head balanced on a long, slender neck. Limber hide moves fluidly, liquid water patterns visible as they trace along a lanky body, from thin shoulders and then back to slim flanks, while narrow feet are nearly lost in the play of water, mottled in color. Iron tinged water flows rapidly along the craggy, rocky peaks of her neckridges and then down her back, tinted celadon green by light and algae. Rivulets cascade across wings, a steeply dropping rusty white waterfall over stony granite wingspars that become foam flecked above the paler green of rushing water sails. The rapids slow upon reaching the peaks of her tail, leaving the ridges speckled with white spray above rusty green water that flows along the curling, sinuous length of her tail, until ending with a splash at the spade.


Regal Bearing Ancient Bronze Xalmyrilth
Folds of ambient copper sweep across the belly of this beast in a majestic display of brilliance. His metallic head held high, small veins of green can be seen lining the proud eyeridges, give the appearance of well-aged bronze. Deeper sienna dappled with honey hues stretches across the expanse of his back, and up along his wingspars. The sails themselves are composed of an almost translucent pale bronze, a wispy pattern almost akin to a mass of flowing hair. Pearlized talons arch from his well-formed claws.

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