Bronzerider Z'lren


In his late twenties, this strapping man could be described best as long, slightly lanky but filling out nicely. He has come a very long way, from his youthfulness as a young child to his maturing self as of now. Any remaining baby fat that he might've shown Turns ago, it is all gone and replace firmly with sinuous and powerful muscles.

A fairly light tunic of a rich auburn shade barely conceals his stalwart form and slightly loose fitting trous of a slightly dull-brown tone encase long legs. His feet are protected by a pair of sturdy boots.

Slightly scruffy hair with locks that never appear /too/ neat is colored an unusual pure white shade. Bright blue eyes reside beneath these tresses, usually half covered but always showing a boyish enthusiasm tempered only by the wisdom to avoid punishment. A firm angular nose sits with a lean, strong face, and full but not too full pink lips complete the picture of this young man's face.

Upon his shoulder rests a knot with purple, blue-green, and black, Western Weyr's coloring. Within the colors a bronze strand is interwoven to show that he is a bronzerider of Western Weyr.


Born to Z'ph and Telilaren, Zephalren was conceived when his parents were not all that together and fairly didn't like each other. Not exactly the nicest way to be conceived, but that's how the Weyr can be; especially with his parents. What was a touch worse; he was conceived ALSO during candidacy. It didn't really make all the better. Mother dearest was a wandering sort then and was on the move while he was like 3-4 months — in her womb of course. And his birth, apparently, wasn't the easiest for the Weyrhunter mother of his. But he entered the world… nonetheless but at Fort Weyr and with his uncle, rider E'van. Of course, it was definitely painful for the woman. After all, Zeph wasn't a small child, from the looks of his fingers and fair sized … hands along with feet. Ones to say he had a decent life save for the mishaps his father took him into. From the interestingly inappropriate events to Faranth knows what, it's a surprise the lad wasn't corrupted since birth. And he wasn't— after all he has his mother's common sense and thinking— and the famous fighting spirit (which may explain why he is brave in doing a lot of things, none which will be noted). He had quite the simple life, aside from his father's interesting events and such. It was quite nice—but things got a bit nicer when his parents actually got together about the time he was several months old. Ever since then, things had been fairly good. Except for the time his father took him to somewhere inappropriate. It was a festive celebration for the Lord Holder of some hold. Renegades took this to be a time to raid and kidnap themselves some hostages, one which was Zephalren and another being the Lord Holder's fiance. Spotted as his father was striving to keep him safe, Zeph was plucked up by a renegade woman that wished to 'teach a lesson' to Z'ph. The child's father did all the best to rescue his son — but the wicked woman definitely outfought the dragonrider (weyrling at that time, me thinks) and the man's face was slashed and eye was lost in said attempt. Taken and kept for nearly 2 months, along with the other kidnapped folks in a Renegade camp, Zephalren was thankfully taken care by the maybe more kinder woman. He was rescued when dragonriders raided the camp. Safely returned to family (mother and father), the lad certain doesn't recall the incident too much, but by all means, his parents remember everything in detail — mostly.

Yet after that, he's been pretty safe — with his mother making sure he doesn't get into any trouble. The child is a sweet angel (mostly) and listens when told what not to do, definite able to discern what is right and what isn't. It comes from his mother, absolutely. He is prone to mischief and is easily taught things which he'll remember in absolute detail. However, he hadn't been really able to do much mischief making, but he has managed to do things under his mother's nose— a sly fellow he is. Currently living at High Reaches Weyr with his parents, Z'ph and Telilaren, he is quite content. And then the couple broke up… which leaves Zeph with no mother. Until Mandalyn stepped into the picture. At first Zephalren was resentful of the new arrival but he warmed up gradually. She becomes the mother he wished to have… except she acted sometimes more like a sister….. or so he thinks.

And yet time had passed for Z'ph and Mandalyn - as well as young Zephalren. Along came a rider from another Weyr to claim Mandalyn as Candidate, from which she Impressed herself one of the most meanest of greens… in most ways, this little green was relatively sticky-sweet with her attempt to drive a massive wedge between Z'ph and Madlyn (think that's the name…). This is one chapter of this lad's tale that draws to a slightly sour close.

He had himself a fairly easy truce with his father, not like he wasn't at all on bad terms in the first place. So at High Reaches Weyr they lived. Nothing truly interesting happened. Save a few visits from his aunt, Faye, who often came from Tillek Hold to see her nephew. Normalcy was the thing .. that is until a tragic event occured. It was one of those normal days, where nothing truly was exciting. Z'ph was strolling through the passages of High Reaches Weyr with his brown when tragedy struck the pair. His brown dragon was suddenly buried under a rock slide and died on the spot. Z'ph went out of his mind and up spying someone, he drove himself upon the being. Veski, a Renegade, was poised to defend himself and made short works of the mad-newly unImpressed Z'ph (forgot his pre-Impression name). The former rider collapsed in death into his own spreading pool of blood. It was then Zephalren came upon the scene. He was devastated to learn of the deaths and grieved immensely but was consoled by his father's murderer (unbeknownst to the lad). The tale that Veski spun somehow won over the lad and Zeph went with the renegade back to said camp. Least to say, he stayed with the group for a while before he was relocated by his aunt (whom he unfortunately forgot was still alive great nephew, indeed). There was some moments between Faye and Veski (none which were truly that pleasant) before she was allowed to leave. It was in that time, Zeph realized the camp was not for him and he asked to leave with Faye. Some words were thusly exchanged and he was, surprisingly enough, allowed to leave. He was and is a wise lad and knew that he wouldn't and shouldn't speak of anything he learned from the Renegades.

He moved with Faye to Western Weyr, a relatively warmer weyr than that of High Reaches. Incidentally, he followed his aunt's footsteps and became of the stablehands. He seems to get well with every runner and beasties in the Weyr and is most enthusiastic about his current job as well as living quarters!


Name Relation Location Position
Menea Weyrmate Western Weyr Headwoman
Renezran son Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Phanea daughter Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Zepha daughter Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Zhoe daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Z'ph father (d) High Reaches Weyr Rider
Telilaren mother ?? Hunter


Bronze FaDian
Copper burnishes hide, speckled in places with dots of black. Amber touches spiked muzzle, trailing in lazy tendrils around eyes. Bronzen wings are under laid with red and amber, mixing in engaging helix's which sweep down to encircle brown tinged tail.

Brown Loulou

Blue Ang
Pale sapphire tones have been dusted over a field of sky and baby blues. Weak legs support his lean body with ease as thin sheets of midnight blue merge with his body to bestow the gift of flight. With the shifting lights, veins of indigo and royal blue flash over the pale base, appearing and disappearing on a whim.

Blue GaoWang

Green Yu
A variety of greens colors the hide of this little lady. Dark to light, circles to ovals. There are tracings of silvery white here and there, not in every shape but a few. A dainty little thing, but that daintiness hides a strong little body. Her wings open and reveal sails that are a solid medium jade in color. When the light is behind the sails you can see the veins of the wing sails tracing here and there. Forest green talons tip her paws


Imprisoned with an Enchantment Bronze Irilanth

Fire-agate tumbles with warm carnelian, copper drips into molten jasper as if every bright stone were melting into one across the large frame of this bronze dragon. Rivers of burning rock flow and cool across a large head, while brightened bronze sweeps back over smooth eye-ridges and pours down a thick neck in rapidly fading curls and coils. Head is raised, high and fearless, and he holds himself in a way that seems to define a hint of defiance. Well muscled chest and sides cool to the natural bronze of his belly before into the darkened copper of his limbs, leaving his charcoal claws untouched. Sparks of bright flame flare along his ridges, only to scatter over his shoulders and up to the darker bronze expanse of his wings, disappearing like cooling embers from a fire.

About Irilanth's shoulders rest well made straps. Dyed a deep brown shade, they have soft lining to keep the bronze's hide from being overly chaffed by the hours of riding. And then there are the rings that keep his rider in place.

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