Standing at 5'7, long legs and feminine features are just beginning to fill out. The darkest night of ebony hair unfurls from atop this young lady's crown. A glistening sheen cascades downwards with the thick straightness of her long locks. Deep-set eyes are large and almond shaped, colored by penetrating shades of a vibrant amber-brown. Irises are outlined with a rim of black and filled with flecks of golden hues. Her skin, neither pasty nor tanned, is sun-kissed and freckled lightly across cheeks, meeting at small-ish pert nose. Heart shaped lips are full and gloss-stained a murky, burgundy brown.
Thick brown leathers fit her waist and legs tightly, tucking in to even darker, tanned, calf height boots. A mossy green tunic looks one size too big and meets at her hips where it is cinched tight with a knot. What looks like a small, clear, pendant dangles long from dainty neck, to a Stargazer's delight it is actually a constellation viewing lens.


Bronze Ztyrian: Bony, precise, jutting and jagged all come to mind when looking at this firelizard. A large wedged head has eyes that swirl with vibrant opalescence, and head knobs that exact a finite space, perfect for scritching. Pointed snout, with a bit of snarling jawline is tinged by metallic amber browns. Strong sinewy neck is met as malted flecks of gold flecked bronze shimmer across taut hide and acute angles. Large wings outstretch like a sparkling veil, glittered with splotches of a coppery hue. Triangular ridges flow down back towards forked tail where all shades disperse to a dusky luminescence.

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