Weyrling Ze'an


Shaggy auburn brown hair falls in uneven lengths until it finally meets the back of this young man's neck, while his bangs are usually pushed out of his eyesight. Bristled eyebrows arch over piercing light-blue eyes that overlook a rather narrow upturned nose. Dotted under his eyes are light freckles that follow down the bridge of his nose and high cheekbones. He has a rather pale complexion, despite odd patches of tanned skin that see the sun more frequently. He stands at a rather average height and of a rather slight build, his arms in particular. He is neither slim, nor is he overweight, instead he's a happy medium. Not much stands out about this young man, except that he has splotches of dye about his fingers and hands from working with dyes too much.

There's one thing to be said about the clothes that adorn his body, and it's clearly that these are 'work clothes'. An old faded tunic that was at one time a harper blue, now it's a mixture of various different colors as well as plastered with bits and pieces of clay. His pants are of no better shape, the dyes and splotches of color are more prominent here, as is splotches of clay and mud, if one had to guess what color his pants originally were, one would probably guess at one time they were a dark gray. His boots are also rather worn in, the leather long past its prime is fraying a bit in places, and bits and pieces are falling off, though the boot itself is still in wearable condition.


Zeibhan grew up in a small cothold with his Mother and Father, although he wasn't an only child. He had two sisters, and a brother, all of which were younger than himself. Zeibhan absolutely loved his little siblings and they were almost always underfoot even when he was younger and helped his mother and father raise them. Other than that, Zeibhan grew up like any normal child, he absolutely loved playing in the mud and would always come home covered in the stuff after a nice rain and would get scolded for it. Especially when his siblings would join him in the muddy games. He had his friends, whom he was usually with when he wasn't at home. Eventually, Zeibhan took interest in the Glasscraft working with clays and paints to create pottery and moved into the hall to take up apprenticeship.


Name Relation Location Position
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Shadows of the Forest Blue Orykoth
Dipped in midnight blue, this dragonet's flattened muzzle and shortened snout sweep back to curving headknobs as faceted eyes gleam beneath deeply hued eyeridges, light against the darkness. The deep grey-blue hues gather over the curves of his short, wide neck even as it flows immediately into well-built shoulders. Prussian blue settles in heavy shadows over his wide back, draping down his sides, gathering around short limbs until ebony talons take hold. Glaucous speckles his belly, the lighter hues giving a sun-dappled appearance to his hide, chasing away the cloak of darkness from between front limbs to the end of his tail, appearing again on the translucent sails that spread from midnight spar to midnight spar. Pale carolina blue ridges meander down his back - hardly mountains - instead merely hills upon the shadow-drenched landscape of his shortened frame.

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