Having a habit of using gestures to punctuate her speech, the first thing one might notice about Zhareis are her hands: long-fingered and fine-boned, perpetually smudged and spotted with ink and paint. Once past her hands, her face is dominated by warm brown eyes framed by long lashes, set beneath finely arched brows that have been shaped more by vanity than nature. High cheekbones lead into the smooth curve of her jaw, clean lines well balanced by the length of a straight, if slightly wide, nose. Her lips are full, elegantly shaped and possessed of a subtle upward tilt at the corners that makes it seem as if she is always on the cusp of smiling. These features, set into an oval face, are framed by tousled layers of brunette hair often left to tumble carelessly to a point just below her shoulderblades. Vivid highlights of auburn and hazelnut streak through here and there, silent testament to a love of sunshine. This, as well as bloodline, also gifts her with a dusty golden-brown complexion.
Her slender, willowy build creates the illusion that she's somewhat shorter than her actual 5'8" height. Bright colours are a signature part of her apparel, her style individualistic and feminine. Layered, handkerchief hemmed skirts are always tri-coloured, always complimentary, sometimes contrasting, sometimes variations of the same shade. Simple woven cloth belts in colours to match provide a place for her to hang several pouches, the leather also often dyed with decoratively embossed closing flaps. Her blouses by contrast are very plain, always white or cream, though with full sleeves gathered at the wrists, and wide, off-the-shoulder necklines. Cropped vests, heavy with embroidery and sometimes beading, provide the flair otherwise lacking. Usually sandals, or simple indoor shoes, finish off her ensembles.
A woman who enjoys ornamentation, there's often a loop or two of simple glass or stone beads dangling about her neck, bracelets clattering upon her arms and shiny baubles suspended on thin wires from her earlobes.


Trader by birth, Zhareis has spent the whole of her life travelling the Neratian peninsula with her clan. With a talent for artistry, she developed her skills to take up the specific trade of being an independent limner. Given the transient nature of her life, her work has mostly consisted of painting signs, copying maps, and frequently scribing letters, as well as mixing paints and inks for sale.

While largely content with her lot, Zhareis is possessed of that particular Pernese explorer trait. No matter that others have already discovered the regions of the world: she wants to see it for herself. Finally reaching a point where she felt able to do so, with a solid base of marks saved, it was on amicable terms that she parted ways with her family at a sea hold, and booked passage on the first ship to anywhere. 'Anywhere' just so happened to be a destination of Western Weyr, which was plenty good enough for her.


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