Zi'on Shipton (previously Zsriston)

Zi'on and Suldith, by Lunatteo!

Zi'on and Suldith by Lunatteo!


Zi'on Shipton
Gender Male
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Occupation Weyrleader
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Dragon Bronze Suldith

On looks alone, it would be impossible to tell Zi'on was a Shipton at all. With his dark hair, big dark eyes, and olive colored skin he looks much more like his mother than his father. The bronzer is quite tall and thin, though he's been putting on more muscle as he becomes an adult. His hair tends to curl and get unruly when it's long, so he keeps it short; just a scrap of fuzz on the top of his head. Most of his facial features are subtle: a thin face, well defined jaw line, and a nose that may be slightly on the large side though not quite as pronounced as his father's. It's rare to see him without at least a little bit of scruff on his face though he rarely lets it grow into a full beard.

Zsriston's clothing is rarely worth note. Usually a normal pair of slacks and a t-shirt, maybe a button up if he needs to look nice. He wears a hooded coat when it's cold out, and usually a pair of beat up boots on his feet.


Zsriston is the prince of L'ton's line of Shipton's. Eldest male by three turns, and L'ton's first with Vesvesris it would be foolish to think that he wasn't spoiled a bit by both parents. Zsriston was fostered at a young age at Ista Weyr, then moved to Telgar with his mother after his parents parted ways. Though he wasn't fostered a second time he spent much of his time with the nannies and amongst the other weyrbrats. Even after the split, the young Shipton stayed in close contact with both of his parents, though he rarely sees any of his half-siblings.

Zsriston may look and talk like his mother, but that doesn't mean he hasn't picked up a few of his father's habits along the way. Though mostly mild mannered and not much of a trouble maker under the careful eye of his mother, he knew just how to pull the strings of the nannies and his parents so that things went his way.

Once he moved to Western though he was down with the weyrbrats basically most of the time. Which meant he was given freedom! And freedom for a weyrbrat only means trouble. It wasn't long before he earned himself quite a reputation with the headwoman as a prankster. And it's not unusual to see her even now chasing Zi'on out of the caverns with a broom.

In between his bouts with the headwoman though, Zsriston went on a search to find himself. Or at least find a craft. He spent a bit of time with a journeyman techcrafter, and his mother suggested he try his hand at becoming a harper. L'ton wasn't such a fan of this idea though, instead he offered his son a candidate's knot and sent him off to stand.

A few turns later and several rounds of standing Zsriston became Zi'on when he impressed Suldith. Sure, the dragon was supposed to mature him. And maybe it did a little, but for the most part Zi'on remained the same prankster that he'd been since he first showed up at Western. It's just now he has a day job.


Name Relation Location Position
Kiena Ex-Weyrmate Western Weyr Rider of Blue Ujinath
Enka Ex-Weyrmate Western Weyr Rider of Gold Miraneith
L'ton Father Honshu Weyr Rider of Bronze Dhonzayth
Vesvesris Mother Telgar Weyr Brownrider
Zvelton Brother Telgar Weyr Resident
Zerissa Sister Telgar Weyr Resident
Zip Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Brownrider
Zafirah Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Resident
Zira Half-Sister Telgar Weyr Greenrider
Ziria Half-Sister Western Weyr Journeyman Healer
Zapallie Half-Sister Fort Area Wanderer
Zelda Half-Sister Fort Weyr Resident

And many others!


Name Relation Mother Location Position
Ezio Son Enka Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Ezsrian Son Rea Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Erianna Daughter Enka Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Eliana Daughter Kiena Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Ezsrisa Daugter Kiena Western Weyr Weyrbrat


The Venerable Warchief Bronze Thrall

There is a definite greenish cast to this oversized bronze hatchling, a rich verdant stain upon his antiqued metallic hide. His proud wedge-shaped head is held high, sharp ridges marching from forehead down the back of his long, arched neck, meandering out of sight between his thick-veined wings before reappearing along his spine, eventually petering out above his rump. His limbs, all four, are powerfully muscled, thick paws tipped with wicked black talons. Two of his fangs jut outward from his lower jaw, some misalignment of bone giving him a pair of jagged tusks. A civil soul, however, lurks beneath the brutish appearance, echoed in the bright sky-blue of his whirling eyes.


Vines and flowers decorate the curved expanse of this sky blue egg in great profusion, delicate silver decorations upon the otherwise unadorned shell. The surface has an unusual texture, smoothy and silky, and almost seems to be soft for all that there is no give to the shell.


Making It Up As I Go Bronze Suldith

Dark bronze hues have almost lost their metallic gleam, the mottled metal of raw bronze and aged copper conspire to drape this hatchling in subtle and shifting shadows. Rounded features, rounded body, plump little legs and a long, whip-like tail come together with smooth, curved lines to craft his frame. Much smaller than most bronzes, and yet unmistakably marked as one by the intensity of his gaze, his round, deeply set, and expressive eyes rest beneath gently curving sculpted eyeridges. These features combine to make his gaze softer and more approachable than many of his kind, yet wildness remains. Those same eyes carry the indefinable stamp of the first unpaired dragonettes. A distant gleam of that harsh and dangerous predatory past lurks just behind his disarming gaze. His headknobs, not surprisingly, are wide and rounded as well, curving soothly at the tips. Exquisitely proportioned wings hold the legacy of his true color, though, with golden bronze threads woven into the night's cloak of his wing's impressive expanse. His talons are blunt and stocky, and as dark as the rest of him. The overall effect of his features leave the distinct impression of a sleek sheen of softness brought about by a lack of harsh angles. No doubt this will serve him well in the air and grant him remarkable maneuverability.


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