Kazuto Shibuya


Kazuto Shibuya
Picture coming soom!
Gender Male
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Keroon Area
Occupation Handyman
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown

Standing at just under six feet of height, it looks as though this young man may be finished growing at just that. He has dark brown hair that is cropped in a rakish manner and sometimes obscures his chocolate brown eyes. He is fairly tanned, and dimples make themselves apparent when he smiles. No stranger to exercise, he appears to be physically fit and while not lanky, he isn't bulky either.

Wearing simple clothing, he has a tan tunic with some embroidery on the sleeves, likely something a grandmother or other family member has forced upon him. Dark brown pants are loosely hanging to his boots, hand-me-downs perhaps from an older, larger, brother of his.


Kazuto is the youngest son of Kairi and Lazuto, two traders who had three sons in total. The middle son unfortunately passed away from an accident before Kazuto was born, and his older brother Zairi is about seven turns older than Kazu himself. The family sells handmade jewelry, of which his mother and grandmother make, and their father takes care of all the repairs and such. Since a young age, Kazuto has helped out as much as he could, even though his mother was fairly melancholy. He escaped to the outdoors whenever possible to do some running, exercise is something that keeps him feeling alive. Kazuto was content to help his father with repairs, and his older brother is quite the salesman. You would think that having sons selling jewelry might make for difficult sales, but Zairi has a knack for wooing women into purchases and Kazu wasn't half bad either when he tried. Eventually, Kazu started wanting to stick around somewhere rather than continually move through life from one weyr to the next. Zairi was content taking up the family trade, but Kazuto decided suddenly, after meeting a cute girl at Western Weyr, that he wanted to stay there. Putting his foot down, he decided to stay and asked to work at the weyr as a handyman - fixing broken tables and such, while trying to figure out a trade for himself. He just turned 18, and it was time for him to grow up - at least, in his own opinion. Unfortunately, he found out the girl he liked was spoken for already, but he wasn't about to be wishy-washy and run back home.


Name Relation Location Position
Kairi Mother Pern Jewelry Maker
Lazuto Father Pern Handyman
Zairi Brother Pern Trader
Zeiri Brother Pern Trader



Title OOC Date Cast
Aiming for that bullseye. October 1, 2014 Briari, d-nyl, Jonteim, Kyra, Zu'to
Gossipy Visitors and Unexpected Arrivals October 12, 2014 Briari, Daranyl, Jonteim, Keldan, Kyra, Maire, Sundari, Zu'to
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