Weyr Relations

With eight other Weyrs, and two WeyrHolds, Half Moon Bay Weyr is not alone in the political spectrum that makes up Pernese society. While the location of the Weyr — on an island in the Western Ring chain many thousands of miles from land — does mean that the Weyr is more autonomous by virtue of the distance of separation from the mainland continents and the other Weyrs, the fact of the matter that the Weyr is NOT entirely separated is due to the fact that dragons can teleport hither and yon in mere seconds, thereby negating the fact that the leadership of Half Moon Bay Weyr cannot be held responsible for the fact that there could be little to no communication with other locations. However, because of the near instantaneous travel provided by the dragons, Half Moon Bay's location on the island chain is not inaccessible and therefore, relationships and factions must be maintained between areas.

Benden Weyr (NPC)

Half Moon Bay Weyr's relationship with that of the second oldest established Weyr on the continent is to be politically correct — neutral. Benden's location on the eastern end of the northern continent is so far removed from Half Moon Bay that were it indeed not for the fact that dragons could go Between in an instant, then Half Moon Bay would have little to no contact with Benden Weyr at all. While the feeling of mutual communication exists between the two Weyrs, they are not politically aligned in a favorable way. While Half Moon Bay would assist Benden Weyr in any emergency or event that they would be capable of providing help (and likewise would expect the assistance to be rendered in kind), there is not a great deal in common that the two areas have, and communication is minimal at best.

Monaco Bay Weyr

Again, location — in this case, Monaco Bay's Weyr's far eastern site — determines the amount of communication between Half Moon Bay and Monaco, as well as the political changes that have taken place within both areas. In the past, the bond between the two was stronger, as one of the former juniors of Half Moon Bay Weyr (Amarante) originally Impressed at Monaco Bay Weyr, and the Weyrleader before Zi'on (A'ven) had also Impressed at Monaco Bay. Now however, relationships between the two areas are quiet with few goods being exported to Half Moon Bay from Monaco and the return flow of imports to Monaco from Half Moon Bay are equally minimal. Relationships between the two is neutral, as neither area would benefit heavily from more interaction.

Fort Weyr

With the current Weyrleader of Fort Weyr having Impressed from a Half Moon Bay clutch, and many of Half Moon Bay's riders having friendships and dealings of long standing with the riders of Fort Weyr, the relationship between the two Weyrs is one of mutual good will. As the youngest Weyr on Pern, the Half Moon Bay Weyrleadership has a good deal of respect and understanding for the history of Pern's first Weyr. Half Moon Bay would readily offer assistance to the denizens of Fort Weyr and matters between the two stand good. Trade is not a particularly strong suit between the two areas, but that could just be from a lack of needed resources by the island Weyr.

High Reaches Weyr (NPC)

Despite being one of the closest Weyrs to Half Moon Bay due to High Reaches' location on the Tillek peninsula, Half Moon Bay Weyr does not rely heavily upon High Reaches for very much. It's said that there's almost nothing that High Reaches could provide except snow which Half Moon Bay Weyr uses to keep drinks cool in the heat of the tropical climate, and in turn, a few cases of fresh fruit invariably find their way into the storerooms of High Reaches, but matters between the two Weyrs are somewhat cool. In the past, a former junior of Half Moon Bay had been a senior at High Reaches, but as of now, the relationship between the Weyrleadership is frosty.

Honshu WeyrHold (NPC)

Half Moon Bay Weyr has little to do with Honshu WeyrHold. Almost no trade goes on between the two, and only a few of Half Moon Bay's riders have retired there. While Half Moon Bay Weyr would never really turn away a request for help from Honshu WeyrHold,they might not be instantaneous with providing assistance nor might they be entirely free of giving that help without some form of compensation. To put things bluntly, relationships between the Weyr and WeyrHold are barely neutral.

Ierne WeyrHold

With Ierne WeyrHold's location on the Southern Continent being an all but southerly direction from Emerald Island, Half Moon Bay Weyr relies heavily upon the busy trade markets and bustling port of Ierne WeyrHold as an important hub for the flow of goods imported and exported from Half Moon Bay via ship and dragon. Considering that, Half Moon Bay's leaders have strived to maintain good diplomatic relations with the WeyrLord/Lady of the WeyrHold. As many Half Moon Bay riders either retire to Ierne or use it as a convalescence location, there's always someone willing to put in a good word for the island Weyr and let the residents of Ierne know that Half Moon Bay has their back, if it comes down to that.

Igen Weyr

Matters between the desert Weyr and Half Moon Bay are decidedly neutral at best. Only a few riders have been traded between the two Weyrs, and there are few ties of friendship between the two. Half Moon Bay has made some minor profit in the form of fruit exports to Igen, but beyond that, the Weyrs do not interact on a frequent basis. Half Moon Bay might be willing to be called into action should disaster of any kind strike Igen Weyr, but as it stands,that assistance might not be freely given nor in a terribly timely manner. Least it be taken in a negative light, Half Moon Bay's leaders simply do not see the point in contact with Igen when there are more lucrative and fulfilling contacts to be cultivated.

Ista Weyr (NPC)

A surprisingly large number of Half Moon Bay's riders originally called Ista Weyr home, and in turn, a number of Ista's riders could have once called Half Moon Bay home as well. Matters between the two island Weyrs are of good standing although as both are islands with similar climates there is only light trade between the two as most of what could be found on Half Moon Bay can be found on Ista and vice versa. The current Senior Weyrwoman of Half Moon Bay called Ista home at one point, having Impressed there before her transfer to Half Moon Bay. Should Ista require assistance, Half Moon Bay would be only too willing to provide.

Telgar Weyr (NPC)

While Half Moon Bay Weyr makes some demands on Telgar Weyr for imports such as river grains, cereal grains and plastics, the relationship between both Weyrs is of mutual neutrality. The current Half Moon Bay Weyrleadership has family residing at Telgar Weyr, which makes for some willing overtures and trade concessions, but there is not a great demand for more than minor trade between the two areas. Should Telgar request assistance in the form of aid or material goods, Half Moon Bay would be willing to provide, if only for the sake of family in the area.

Xanadu Weyr

With Xanadu Weyr's advancements and ties to the amount of modern technology, Half Moon Bay Weyr seeks to cultivate a strong friendship with the southern Weyr. As many of Half Moon Bay's past leadership have been riders from Xanadu, and the exchange of riders between the two is rather frequent, it always pays to be buddy-buddy with the kind of people who are likely to keep your radio links working, and your electric lights running smoothly. Trade is frequent enough between the two Weyrs, and although the current Weyrleadership is not best of friends with those of Xanadu, they nonetheless maintain a professional working relationship.

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