Senior Journeyman Healer


Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Fort Hold
Occupation Healer
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue

Vividly blue eyes are one of the first things you'll notice about Relaera. Slightly upturned with a classical almond shape, set below thinly arched eyebrows. Her nose is petite, slightly curved and upturned, giving it a somewhat pointed appearance. Lips are neither too thin, nor too thick, falling somewhere just in the middle. All of this set in a somewhat heart-shaped face. Wavy blonde locks frame her face, falling down to just past her shoulders. As for physique, Relaera is on the shorter end of the stick, reaching only about 5'3. Her figure is relatively slender, and while not incredibly curvaceous, still has a decent hourglass shape. Skin-tone falls somewhere between a rosy-pale and light, depending on how much sun she gets and is relatively free of any visible scars of blemishes.

During hotter times, Relaera will usually wear clothing of a more flowy nature — loose tunics and skirts. The colder it gets, she'll tend to opt for long-sleeved tunics in addition to the skirt, accompanied by a fleece-lined jacket. Shin-high laced boots are common with almost all outfits.


Relaera might either be described fortunate or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it. She was born at Fort Hold to a rather traditional type of family. Her father is a Healer. Her mother is a Healer. So it was almost inevitable that she would, at some point, join the craft as well. Which she did, as young as she was able. Having Healer parents got her interested in the craft at a very young age and had begun learning it from her parents before she officially became an apprentice.

From there, she gained knowledge quickly, practically absorbing all the information that her teachers could give her. Relaera was no prodigy, by any means, but she was incredibly hard-working and walked the tables much earlier than many of her peers to become a Journeyman. From there, she continued to learn and in turn, teach others. The young Healer traveled a lot during her early Journeyman years, stopping by and staying at each Hold and Weyr for a few months before moving on. The travel fever is strong in this one, and she's hard put to just stay in just one place for too long.


Name Relation Location Position
Renalte Father Healer Hall Master Healer
Laerelin Mother Healer Hall Master Healer




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