Riverside Cothold


Flooded Courtyard - Riverside Cothold
A large flat area of trampled ground forms the courtyard for the bustling cothold — aptly named for its location not far from the curve of the river as it bends around the small spit of land that the cothold rests upon. Several outbuildings are erected around the courtyard barns for livestock and cottages for holder folk with orchards beyond them.
Now the courtyard lies beneath nearly five feet of murky flowing water bracken and debris choking the spaces between the outbuildings doorways blocked off with only the upper windows of the structures themselves visible. The river — once so calm and peaceful — has overflowed its banks rushing across that spit of land with a determined charge. And the water only looks to creep higher inch by inch.


A Muddy Disaster
River Rescue
The Rain Continues


Algal Bloom


River Rescue



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