Sample OOC Search Application

The following questions are provided as reference for anyone interested in applying for Search at Half Moon Bay Weyr. The application itself must be filled out online by typing 'SEARCH ME' where the applicant will be taken to the OOC Search Room and be able to answer the questions below on the game.

Part One: Universal Game-Wide Questions

1. List the colors you wish to Impress, or if you are Stand Only please note that here. You will have a chance closer to hatching to refine your preferences if you change your mind after being Searched.~

2. Please describe your level of familiarity in playing on this type of game, and with the Pern theme.~

3. Please list any Alts that you wish SearchCo to know about.~

4. What is your character's sexual preference? Valid answers are Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bisexual. Please note: metallic dragons will not Impress to homosexual characters.~

Part 2: Half Moon Bay Weyr-Specific Questions

5. Tell us more about YOU, the person behind the character as it pertains to your availability on the game. What timezone are you in? What are the days and times during those days that you are most likely to be found online, and how reliable is your internet access? Do you foresee any expected absences within the upcoming months that would have an impact on your participation in candidacy, weyrlinghood and beyond? ~

6. What is the best way to contact you outside of the game? We will not contact you unless we absolutely need to - but we may need to reach out if something happens to the game or if something urgent occurs.~

7. Please tell us more about your character that can't be found in their +info. What are they like as a person: are they silly, funny, a grouch or just plain crazy, what makes them unique as who they are? How would Impressing a dragon change them emotionally and mentally? How would you foresee such a life changing event as having an impact on their lives? (for better and for worse)~

8. What does your character think about dragons and their place in Pern as it is in PW's timeline (post-AIVAS)?~

9. Please tell us why you would like your character to impress at Half Moon Bay. Is there anything that particularly attracted you to the Weyr, what makes it special for you and why you want to be a part of the area? In addition, what are your plans with your character at Half Moon Bay Weyr if you don't impress? If you aren't searched? What kind of an impact will this have on your character and your goals for them?

10. What are a rider's IC responsibilities to their Weyr? What about OOC?~

11. What would you like to see happen during candidacy? Events, TPs, anything! Express yourself! If you were involved in something fun or memorable before, what was it?~

12. Is there anything else you would like to add that was not already mentioned above?

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