Search FAQs

I heard that you need to live at the Weyr to have a real chance at getting Searched. Is this true?
Definitely not. We are easily capable of coming to you, and you are welcome to visit Half Moon Bay Weyr at any time. We will Search outside of the Weyr. However, residents of other Weyrs, Holds and Halls will need their area leader's permission before we will Search them. You are always free to stop by Half Moon Bay to say hello and get to meet us, but you don't have to live here to be considered for Search.

Do I have to spend a lot of time online to get Searched/Impress?
Certainly not. In the past, many have thought that a high activity rate will have a greater impact on their chances of being Searched, but spending all your time online, and then getting grounded/fired/expelled because you've been neglecting your actual life is not helpful to you. You don't have to be online 24/7, but spending a few hours a day (and remaining active during those hours) will be just fine.

What does Half Moon Bay's SearchCo look for in candidates?
Half Moon Bay Weyr looks for Candidates who can interact and socialize well with everyone — not just SearchCo members, or fellow Candidates — and who will realize that IC situations do not necessarily reflect OOC views. We look for Candidates who can RP well, and stay IC during IC situations as well as understanding that IC actions do equal IC consequences. We look for good sense of the world of Pern, and a good solid character background as well as an understanding of what makes that character tick.

How people will Impress? How many will be Searched?
We are allowed to Impress up to 6 PC dragons per hatching cycle. There may be fewer Impressions, but the absolute maximum number is 6. The total number of people Searched is subject to candidate selection, and the number of applications submitted.

I was a candidate at another Weyr, will I be searched by Half Moon Bay?
As per the game rules, Candidates that have been Searched by another Weyr on the game, but did not Impress are considered to automatically be Candidates until they no longer wish to be, or Impress a dragon. Therefore, anyone who has stood previously will be considered a candidate at Half Moon Bay. You will however need to fill out the search application to be eligible for Impression.

What if I wanted to be a Stand-only Candidate?
Absolutely! We always welcome stand-only candidates. If you wish to be a stand-only candidate, please indicate this when filling out the search application.

How old does my character need to be to be Searched?
Candidates must be between the ages of 14 and 29 (30 too old) for females and 12 and 24 (25 too old) for males.

My character just got married? I can still apply, right?
If you are engaged, handfasted, or in anyway legally joined with another, you will not be searched.

My character is blind and only has one arm. He can still be Searched, correct?
Dragonriding is a hard life. Not only do you have to bathe and oil a huge dragon on a frequent basis, your average rider spends a lot of time doing patrols (sweeps) or transporting goods from around the planet which requires a lot of physical fitness. While it is true that riders are not immune to devastating (and often crippling) injuries and often spend the rest of their lives on watchrider duty as a result, anyone with a severe mental or physical disability prior to Impression will not be Searched. The Weyr needs candidates sound in mind and body to be presented to the eggs. They will provide for any rider after an accident, but will not Search anyone with known disabilities beforehand.

I think it would be cool if my character was really scared of dragons. Will you search her?
Sorry, no. If a character had such a debilitating fear of dragons, a Search dragon would pick up on that. A character with an extreme fear of dragons would not function well with a dragon partner, and a search rider would not ask them to stand.

This is my first time MUSHing, am I too new to be Searched?
Many players have Impressed their first time as Candidates and they haven't played Pern or MUSHes before. As long as you have a good grasp of the game theme, and general Pern canon, the length of time you have played on the game or played MUSHes should not be a detriment to your being Searched and/or Impressing.

What if my questions aren't here?
If you questions are not answered here, please contact the Weyrstaff (hmw .who/admins) for further discussion.

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