Search Overview

Those familiar with the Pern novels will know that Search is the process in which dragons and their riders go out across Pern to seek out young men and women who have the potential to become dragonriders themselves, and those picked out by the dragons are then brought to the Weyr as candidates and are presented to the eggs when they begin to hatch in the hopes that the newly hatched dragons will find their life-long partner among those presented to them.

While such a process might work well in the books, when it comes to online roleplaying, we, the players, lack the ability to see these qualities the way the dragons in the books do, we have found another means of doing so.

This process consists of an application that's filled out on game, where the applicant states their color preferences, and other pertinent information that will help streamline the process of OOC search.

Once a player has completed this application, and the gold dragon has clutched, the next stage of the Search cycle is IC Search, which is most closely related to the books. This is when a dragon and their rider will ask a character if they wish to stand for Search. Unlike the books however, when they Searched anyone who was present, if a player has not filled out an OOC Search Application, they will not be Searched.

Next, the newly searched candidate is brought back to the Weyr for a candidacy period that lasts several RL weeks, and allows the player to get to know others and to RP to develop their character's personality and attitude and general understanding of their environment. During this time, a candidate will be asked to fill out an OOC questionnaire to state their preferences in color, and what they like or do not like in a dragon. This helps the dragon builders create the right dragon for the player.

Finally, the Hatching. While there is no doubt a sense of excitement and uncertainty amongst the candidate the same way it is in the book, all decisions regarding Impressions have been made by this time.

Search at Half Moon Bay Weyr can be very fun and enjoyable! These pages will attempt to have everything needed to inform the potential candidate and those awaiting their chance on the sands! Please read through everything presented, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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