Candidate Stuffie Gifts - 07/11

For the Search during July, 2011, Keelyra and Idris created stuffed dragons as gifts to their fellow candidates. These were delivered to their cots in-between chores. Each was made with the recipient in mind; some silly, some sweet, but all clearly handmade.

Written by Keelyra


This stuffed dragon looks as if it was made from… well, someone's undies. Specifically some white-with-hearts undies. The stitching is fairly even and the construction well-done, but there's no denying that this is totally an undie-dragon. Stitched to the butt is a tag that reads: - To Draval, from Keelyra and Idris


This stuffed dragon is small and chubby with a very 'cat got the canary' expression of pleasure stitched onto his face. The colorful fruit-toned (and patterned, in the case of the one on his chest with redfruits) fabrics are balanced by wings capped in a very warm tan-brown fabric, quilted with stitches to make it reminiscent of a pie lattice. The tag attached to the base of the tail reads: - To Idris, from Keelyra


This stuffed dragon is somewhat unlike the rest. Instead of ridges down its back, it has a single fin right in the middle. Its tail is stubbier and quite reminiscent of a dolphin's. The fabric is a very soft, satiny blue that due to the reflective nature, looks like the deep, clear waters of Western. A small tag attached to the butt reads: - To Jeyinshi, from Keelyra and Idris


There isn't one, but TWO little stuffie dragons here. They're stitched together loosely at their wings. One is made from a soft brown material with red accents, while the other is in shades of pink and almost satiny to the touch so that it glimmers. A small tag is attached to the butt of the bigger one that reads: - To Kilarden, from Keelyra and Idris


This stuffed dragon is strange. It's hard to put one's finger on it at first. The blue-grey fabric may seem dull to some, but it's very uniform — perhaps perfect — in shade. It doesn't catch or refract the light any more than it should. Each piece seems to be in /just/ the right dimensions… and that there is what is odd. The dragon is so uniform in appearance, size, and shape it's almost creepy. Well, except for that one spot. Under the left wing. There the stitches suddenly zig-zag for a while before becoming normal once in plain view again. A tag sewn to the butt reads: - To Kiley, from Keelyra and Idris


Patches, patches, baby we got this. This stuffie dragon seems to have come to life from the cutting room floor. Sure, one wing may be made up of a single piece of — garish and floral — fabric, but in other spots there are scraps barely larger than a child's thumb. The thread used, even, seems to vary in shade and thickness. Still, it gives the little guy some charm and he even has a bright red cottony tongue that flops about. On his butt is sewn a tag that reads: - To Patori, from Keelyra and Idris


This stuffie dragon is kind of blocky, but only by nature of the large blocks of fabric used to construct him. The eye is on color rather than design here. The dragon itself seems almost lumpy, but each color taken in itself… there's sapphire and ruby and emerald… Certainly the stash was raided for the most gem-like fabrics. The largest section of fabric is a pale green-blue, reminiscent of the sea. Peeking from under the tail is a tag that reads: - To Sororn, from Keelyra and Idris


Made of a rough, brown material, this stuffy dragon is rather buff compared to the rest. This is achieved by careful stitching. A very manly dragon, it has stiched scars all over: on its stomach, tail, two on a wing. There's even one across its chubby little maw. As a final joke, perhaps, it has a fake arrow through its head. Sewn under the tail is a tag that reads: - To Velrich, from Keelyra and Idris

Written by Idris


This stuffed dragon is striped blue, yellow, green and black, all the way from a blue muzzle to a black tip on the tail. While the fabrics are quite soft and fuzzy, the colors are not solid- blue has tiny stars, yellow has black dots, green has rainbows and black has white circles and squares. Stitching is sometimes even and small, and sometimes larger, rather clumsy. On the butt is sewn a tag that reads: - To Kaldrozen, from Keelyra and Idris


This stuffed dragon is made from the brightest, gaudiest colors possible. Pink, orange, green, blue, yellow, everything neon and almost hard to look at if it weren't for the obvious soft, fuzziness of the fabrics. It is literally SO plush you just have to touch it. And hug it. And never let go because it is just THAT soft. The stitches zig-zag a little bit but they are close enough together to last a good long time and put up with quite a bit of snuggling. On the butt is sewn a tag that reads: - To Keelyra, from Idris


Is it pink, or is it magenta? Is it meant for a five-turn old girl or a young man? The body of this stuffed dragon is that exact shade between 'too much' and 'just enough'. There is a strip of golden squares bordered in a darker gold stretching from beneath the nose all the way under the belly to the tip of the tail. The underside of the wings are a slightly paler golden hue. Except for a satiny underside to the wings, the fabric is soft fleece and the stitches generally uniform. On his butt is sewn a tag that reads: - To Kelthero, from Keelyra and Idris


This stuffed dragon is a patchwork of patterns obviously found at the bottom of a bucket of fabric. Hearts here, polkadots there, rainbow stripes on the wings. The fabric is, at least, uniformly soft and fuzzy and the stitches are fairly even. Sewn to the butt is a tag that reads: -To Kershaw, from Keelyra and Idris


Rich colors patchwork across the body of this stuffed dragon. Head of green, neck of purple, wings of gold, tail of blue, legs of red and a few random patches of black, brown, magenta and white here and there to fill in where larger bits of fabric were cut. Some pieces are fleecy, some are satiny, some are even a bit tough to the touch. Stitches are careful and mostly uniform, though the wings seem to have been done by another hand, with much tiner stitches. On the butt is sewn a tag that reads: - To Raevella, from Keelyra and Idris


This stuffed dragon is like a checkerboard! Black and white bits of fabric are patched together over the body, while one whole wing is white and the other black. Along the neck, white ridges top black neck fabric and vice versa. The patches along the tail are more like rings, all the way to a very tiny white tip. The stitches are small and even. The black fabric is soft like fleece, while the white fabric is on the smoother side. On the butt is sewn a tag that reads: - To Tannim, from Keelyra and Idris


This stuffed dragon is on the smaller side and made of a smooth, shiny fabric in a silvery shade. Stitching is on the larger side, obviously done by a less-than-stellar hand. The wings are the best part and are disproportionately large. And purple. On the butt is sewn a tag that reads: - To Tineska, from Keelyra and Idris

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