Title OOC Date Cast
Chats and Stuff (meeting Tanit) July 1, 2017 Kassala, Sevran, Tanit, Catwin
Oysters At Sunrise July 2, 2017 Tanit, Sevran, Baylee
Drafted - Dragon Washing July 2, 2017 Sevran, Sundari, Tanit (and Samiryth)
Crabs at Noon July 3, 2017 Tanit, Taline
The S'ndri July 3, 2017 Catwin, S'ndri, Tanit
Candidate Fashion Show 2: Armed and Fabulous July 3, 2017 Baylee, Citayzleat, D'lei, J'en, Jingum, Kassala, Riohra, Risali, Serena, Tanit
Ping-Pong, Booze, and Bronzeriders July 4, 2017 Baylee, Krenn, Sevran, J'en, Tanit
Chatting Over Breakfast July 4, 2017 Baylee, Sevran, Tanit, Sephany (NPC)
Morning Tag July 4, 2017 Taline, Baylee, Sevran, Tanit
Cookie Jar July 5, 2017 Tanit, L'ton
The Deep Sea Hustle July 5, 2017 N'talya, Riohra, Kelani, Jingum, Tanit
Steaks and Stuff July 6, 2017 Sevran, Tanit
Of Eggs and Romances July 7th, 2017 Riohra, Tanit, Baylee, Sevran
Fish and Guts July 7th, 2017 Sevran, Tanit,
Conversations July 8, 2017 Sevran, Tanit, Kelani, Catwin
Letters Home July 8, 2017 Citayzleat, Tanit
A Long Lunch Break July 8, 2017 Elixyvette, Sevran, Riohra, Relaera, Baylee, Catwin, Tanit,
Rum Cakes and Kitchen Dogs July 9, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Tanit, Baylee, T'ana, Niki
The Cake isn't a LIE July 9, 2017 Catwin, Riohra, Shanatea, Tanit
Morning Shenanigans July 11, 2017 Sevran, Catwin, Riohra, Tanit, Baylee
Celimoth and Xermiltoth's Eggs Hatch July 13, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Citayzleat (Citayla), Elixyvette (Xyvette), Jingum, Kassala, Kelani, Krenn, R'hyn, Riohra, Sevran (S'van), Shanatea, Sundari, Taline (Aine), Tanit
If it fits? It sits. July 15, 2017 R'hyn, Tanit,
Another Goodbye - Tanit Leaves for DOC July 15, 2017 Catwin, S'van, Tanit
Letters between siblings July 16, 2017 S'van, Tanit
Strapping Good Times? Or Not. July 16, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Sundari, S'van, Tanit - Aedeluth, Fascath, Irkevalath, Myrakath
Letters between friends (Catwin and Tanit) July 17, 2017 Catwin, Tanit
The De-evolution of the Human Mind (AKA All The Broken) July 23, 2017 Tanit, S'van, Bracen, Catwin
Oysters and Complaints July 27, 2017 Tanit, Baylee, S'van Catwin
She Smells of the Sea July 29, 2017 Tanit, Risali
Hedonistic Dens of Death (Pasito a Pasito) July 30, 2017 Taeski, Tanit, Risali, S'van, K'vir, Catwin
It's dead Jim August 4, 2017 Ila'den, Kadesh, Tanit, S'van,
Jim Go BOOM. (alternatively: EWW) August 10, 2017 Ila'den S'van Triven Catwin Tanit
Half Moon Bay And The Deathly Hallows August 11, 2017 Tanit, R'hyn, S'van, Ila'den
Platonic Showers - Dead Jim Aftermath August 11, 2017 S'van, Tanit
Pier Pressure August 12, 2017 Tanit, S'van, Kalen
Life Lessons: Relationships suck. Siblings suck. Tanit is NOT having sex. Puppies are cute. August 12, 2017 S'van, Tanit, Kelani, J'en
Girl Talk August 12, 2017 Tanit, Kelani. Sephany
Crash. Burn. Rum August 17, 2017 Tanit, Kohl, Sephany
Booze and... stuff happens. August 19, 2017 Tanit, Kohl, Sephany, Risali
Burn, Baby, Burn August 23, 2017 Baylee, Citayla, R'hyn, S'van, Tanit
It's 5 O'clock Somewhere August 28,2017 Sundari, Tanit, Ila'den, Sephany, R'hyn
Consideration August 31, 2017 S'van, Tanit
Wreck Cavern - AKA "Four bronzeriders walk into a bar..." September 3, 2017 Ila'den, R'hyn, J'en, S'van, Catwin, Tanit
Lime Wars September 3, 2017 Ila'den, Tanit, R'hyn
Little Fish September 4, 2017 Ila'den, R'hyn, Tanit
Long Awaited Dive Lesson September 9, 2017 Tanit, S'van
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