Torince Hold
Torince Hold
Lord Holder Lord Yaran
Lady Holder Lady Nayeni
Heir(s) Yyani, Rayan, Naraeina
Affiliation Half Moon Bay Weyr
Imports Various Goods
Exports Various Goods

Located in Emerald Isle, north of Half Moon Bay Weyr, this hold has often been used as a retreat for those deigned by the mindhealers to need respite. Fishing is particularly abundant from the northern end of the area.

Torince Hold - Courtyard
This hold is following the general building patterns of the southern holds with wooden framework on stilts and wide windows that can be thrown open to catch the sea breezes that pass by. A crushed shell path has been made through the cleared areas that must be scrupulously maintained, lest the tropical overgrowth crowd back in and overcome the buildings while there is an outside kitchen to keep the heat of cooking away from the living areas.

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