Weyrling Development Goals

Half Moon Bay Weyr is taking a less traditional approach to weyrlinghood. We’ve agreed that the fundamental aspect to retaining weyrlings post-graduation is to make sure they’ve had a successful weyrlinghood. To ensure that the weyrlinghood of Half Moon Bay has proven successful, we are drawing focus strictly to character development.

Therefore, the weyrlingstaff is putting their energy completely toward ensuring that there is room for characters and players to grow. We are emphasizing role play and are cutting ‘classes’ as it were from the traditional program. Expect to have eight weeks dedicated to role playing, where there can be numerous opportunities for the player to discover just who their character and dragon are.

Hence, we, the weyrlingstaff of Half Moon Bay, have come up with eight points of development we believe to be keys to forming a well rounded character, and one who can continue life in Half Moon Bay and on Pernworld fruitfully. Thus, newly impressed weyrlings will immediately receive a list these development goals. They are encouraged to complete the list. To graduate, a minimum of six out of eight goals will have to be achieved. Rewards will be given to those who fulfill the entire list of goals at the end of graduation. Those who decline to participate in these role play methods can be given alternative assignments or projects.

Examples of development goals we could give the weyrlings are:
  • Discover your character’s five favourite things to do with your new life mate.
  • Discover your character’s least favourite thing to do with your character’s new life mate.
  • Learn five things about another weyrling.

Weyrlings will be expected to show that they have completed these developments through role play means with one of the weyrlingstaff. If unable to do so, make sure you log, @mail us and post the log to the logs page.

We pride ourselves on being on Pernworld to RP. We hope that through weyrlinghood, you too will inspire to RP with those around you on Pernworld

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