Seamount Wing

Wingleader: S'rorn, rider of brown Nyzieroth
Wingsecond:Ir'e, rider of blue Yiskatiresiath

"What you buy at the Western market today … was on a transport dragon yesterday."

Without the tireless effort of the dedicated Seamount wingriders, Western Weyr would be on short rations indeed. Due to the location of Emerald Island, so far from the mainland, transportation of goods by ship would take weeks, if not months. And there's only so much that the Weyr can import from the surrounding Holds and cotholds on the island. But thanks to the devoted wing members, the transport of foodstuffs and packages is near instantaneous, and exportation of Western-produced goods can proceed without a hitch. Seamount Wing and its members are an integral part of the continuation of Western Weyr and the Holds and cotholds that look to it for protection and support.

The job of a Seamount wingrider involves the transportation of goods, both live and inanimate objects involving import and export of the things that Western cannot obtain here on the island for itself and those things that the Weyr wishes to share with the rest of Pern. Almost anything can be transported, particularly extremely perishable items that might be transported in sealed crates from the Plastic craft rather than wooden barrels or boxes and most dragons are capable of carrying various loads, although the heavier ones are assigned to the larger members of the wing formation. Additionally, Seamount Wing is also assigned to convey Weyr residents and visitors about, acting in the capacity of a dragon-based public transportation service. These services are not necessarily free however. While occasionally non-riders might be transported about on Weyr-related business at no charge, most residents and visitors might be expected to pay a small fee for the conveyance, particularly if they're going to a location where a Seamount wingrider is not generally likely to go on regular errands.

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