Weyrlinghood Weekly Overview

At Half Moon Bay Weyr weyrlings are not required to show up for scheduled classes (OOCly of course, ICly they will have scheduled classes they must attend). Instead, each weyrlingmaster staff will be announcing when they will be holding optional classes each week, or running impromptu classes as they see fit. You as a player have freedom to RP with whomever you like whenever you like. The important thing is that you keep RPing and keep having fun!

It is important to us that even without scheduled classes, that you as a weyrling know what your character and dragon would be doing each week, so that you can reference this information to include in your role play scenes. The following is a break down of this information. If there are any questions, feel free to ask any of the weyrling staff at any time. We're there to make your experience the best that it can be.

In addition to the following information, a brief summary will be sent to you each week in an in-game @mail, along with some pevent ideas for the week concerning you and your lifemate. These of course are supposed to be interesting suggestions to help spark RP, but are completely optional situations that you can ignore if you would like.

As well, each player can gauge how their character is doing in weyrlinghood. Although our PC schedule is for six weeks (and a week for graduation/transition), a player can decide that their character might need another week or two RL wise before they are ready. This is totally acceptable. The rate of how your rider character progresses through weyrlinghood is up to you, the player.

Have fun and good luck with your training!

Weekly Reference Material
Week One - Dragon Care and Straps
Week Two - Mounted Exercises
Week Three - Unmanned Flight
Week Four - Manned Flight
Week Five - Betweening
Week Six - Flaming and Mating Flights
Week Seven - Wing Assignments and Graduation

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