Weyrlings Rule Book

At Half Moon Bay Weyr, respect is the key ingredient to any role play session, regardless of IC or OOC status. Therefore, it is no different that we reiterate our Weyr’s aim here now that you’re a part of our environment of role-play.

Respect, therefore as we know, is the basis of all things. If there is no respect shown between people, relationships will flounder and animosities will flourish. Therefore, our first rule is to respect other players OOCly. Be aware of other player’s +rated status and always ask if you are unsure if someone is or will be uncomfortable with a situation that is surrounding them or their character.

We also ask that as a dragon rider of Half Moon Bay, that you show a level of maturity to the peers around you. This means, that we ask that you don’t abuse the system of Pernworld simply because you’ve now impressed a dragon.

Also, if any conflicts arise, try to handle the situation yourself in a calm and sensible fashion. If you feel too angry about the conflict, either walk away from the keyboard for a night or contact one of the weyrlingstaff and we’ll be there to mediate for you. We also would rather have you contact us and have us help you through your troubles than seeing your troubles build to a boiling point and explode on another person. Furthermore, if you are a victim of abuse from another weyrling, please inform us right away so we can deal with the matter.

For specific weyrling rules, most Weyr’s agree on the following issues:


In agreement with the other Weyrs of Pernworld, we have acknowledged the fact that sexual or emotional relationships with other characters (be it another weyrling/resident/rider) are prohibited until your dragon has matured enough to cope with the outcome of these deviant feelings. ICly, it is frowned upon until the Weyrlingmasters suspect the dragons are nearing sexual maturity themselves and teach the students about the mating flights. OOCly we will not throw you out of weyrlinghood for it, realizing that it does happen, but do implore that you remember ICA=ICC.


In agreement with the other Weyrs of Pernworld, we have acknowledged the fact that consumption of booze may cause confusion for younger dragons. However, we will not be opposed to older weyrlings (those who are in their last weeks of training and mature enough to realize their tolerance levels) to consume a glass of wine or alcoholic beverage of their choice. OOCly, once again, we must insist that should you have your character consume alcohol, that you remember the in character consequences for getting drunk.


Unfortunately, the downfall of becoming a weyrling means that you are Weyrbound until your dragons have been given clearance by the Weyrlingstaff to leave. Usually after your character has become successful in the manned flight, your dragon can leave the grounds of the Weyr. However, only after you have learned betweening may you leave Half Moon Bay’s immediate region. OOCly, remember that until your dragon has reached the age that manned flights and betweens are allowed, to stay within Half Moon Bay’s area. If you get caught outside, ICA=ICC. As well, you may not set yourself unfindable until you have graduated. It is a matter of respect. If you absolutely have to set yourself unfindable, please let us know why.

High Emotional Scenes:

If you develop a scene into one that invokes high emotions, such as what occurs in fights or dragon injuries, remember to ask everyone OOCly if they are comfortable and have given them a warning. People in general frown upon ‘scene-stealing’ angst, though if those around you know of it before you begin it, they have the option to leave the scene or express their disinterest in the angst if they are unwilling to leave. Should someone be unwilling to deal with angst but wish to continue the scene you engaged in prior to the high emotional idea, please do not carry it out - save the angst for a day when people who enjoy those types of scenes are around. If worst comes to worst, schedule it. All we ask is that if the scene is major and Weyr affecting, that you contact us so we can channel the idea through the proper people. As well, your character risks getting banned from the Weyr for the most extreme angst scenes - keep that in mind as you play, but don’t limit your play if your character would really react this way. If in doubt, just contact one of the weyrlingstaff and talk to them in regards to the idea you may have.

Common sense should dictate how you play and respect for others should always be at the forefront of your mind when Rping, remember this and you’ll be welcome in Half Moon Bay for years to come.

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